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Foundations is OneHope’s training brand that shares valuable insights and innovations to equip children’s and youth ministers globally. The name Foundations is taken from 1 Corinthians 3:10-11: “According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and someone else is building upon it. Let each one take care how he builds upon it. For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Children's Ministry

This original training series is enriching the level of children’s ministry around the world. The training communicates the importance of ministering to children from a young age and equips teachers and children’s workers with the knowledge and practical strategies to do so.

An introduction to best practices for children’s ministry. This training teaches the importance of children’s advocacy, knowing yourself as a teacher, characteristics of children, the skills of a teacher, and sharing the Gospel effectively with children ages 4-11.

An adaptation of our popular CM 101 training optimized for presenting on Zoom! Includes all the core training content across 5 modules with updated videos, activities, and instructions for Zoom training. PowerPoint presentations and participant note guides make it easier than ever to share this powerful training digitally.

A deeper look at how to use a variety of teaching methods to effectively engage children as they transition through different developmental stages. It covers teaching with God’s purpose, how children grow, how children learn, and a method for sharing the Gospel in storytelling format.

Through this training you will learn about welcoming children with disabilities, ministering to children who have been abused, reaching children who are unreached, and a powerful method for sharing the Gospel in an honor-shame context.

Adapted for Zoom, you will learn about welcoming children with disabilities, ministering to children who have been abused, reaching children who are unreached, and a powerful method for sharing the Gospel in an honor-shame context.

Youth Ministry

This series responds to the Church’s expressed need for better training resources for ministry to teens. The training walks participants through the importance of engaging youth with their faith during this critical life stage and how to do so practically and effectively.

An introduction to best practices for youth ministry. It explores the importance of youth advocacy, developmental milestones and characteristics of youth, the qualities and skills of effective teachers of teens, and how to share the Gospel effectively with youth ages 12-19.

A deeper exploration of how to spiritually develop teens as they grow and change. Through this training, participants learn about building faith in the lives of youth, how to enhance teen’s engagement with Scripture, biblical mentoring techniques, and how to teach and practice spiritual disciplines.

YM103, God's Heart for the Outsider. Addressing important topics to prepare teachers who work with youth who are considered outsiders by society – youth who are vulnerable, at-risk and often forgotten.

Program Trainings

Training resources to accompany OneHope's current programs. Get the help you need to learn and implement programs including Lead Today, 17 Stories, and more for kids and teens in your local community.

17 Stories

Bible App for Kids

Lead Today


Stories of Hope

Equipping the Church

OneHope's heart is to equip churches for more effective ministry to children and youth as we seek to reach every child with God's Word. We are constantly developing new resources in this space, so be sure to check back here for the latest releases!

This series of trainings addresses six topics to prepare teachers who work with children who have been wounded by trauma. These practical modules take a deep dive into this sensitive area of need, with outcomes including learning how trauma affects a child’s whole being, building trusting relationships, understanding how trauma damages a child’s spiritual foundations, and ultimately how to embrace their role as agents of hope in their lives.

This training addresses key topics to prepare online missionaries who work with reaching young people in an online digital setting. Topics include Program Overview, Faith Conversations with Young People, Working Through Crisis Situations, and Sharing the Gospel.

This series of trainings equips leaders to be more effective in their ministry to the next generation across three basic areas: Advocacy, Ministry, and Biblical and theological training. These practical modules take a deep dive into specialized topical areas ranging from how to develop Sunday School lessons to how to minister to children with special needs.

This training is designed to help you train on the Foundations for Lumière Church Planting.

The 15 lessons in this training equip leaders, pastors and church planters with the

foundational thinking, skills and tools required to plant a church with a focus on children and

youth. It is designed as an in-person training to take place over three days.

Planting Churches for the Next Generation

This vision casting training shares OneHope’s model for planting next-generation focused churches. It lays out the biblical basis for church multiplication, the definition of a healthy church, and the importance of including children and youth in the work of the Great Commission. This training was developed specifically for use in Africa and includes outreach strategies, discipleship resources, and testimonies from church planting movements in this area of the world.

Video Resources

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